Art History for Everyone

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Available in hardcover, paperback and e-book formats.

Does the thought of going to an art museum make your eyes glaze over?

What if someone could make art come alive?

In Art History for Everyone, you’ll meet some of history’s most important works of art. You’ll be surprised and excited by beautiful and strange paintings and intriguing sculptures—and get to know the people behind these works of art and their exciting stories.

  • Why is the Virgin Mary’s dress almost always red?
  • What does it mean when you see a dog in old paintings?
  • Can a wine glass and a hat tell us something about life in the Netherlands in the seventeenth century?
  • How did Michelangelo really feel about painting the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel?

Kristine T. G. Hardeberg teaches art history online and in person. Through her courses and lectures, thousands of participants have discovered how exciting art history truly can be.

Let the author take you along on an exciting journey through the history of art, from antiquity to our own time. There are lots of aha moments, and you will see references of all kinds, from love and politics to religion and adventure.

You’ll never look at art the same again!

Reader Testimonials

This is a captivating view of the seen-yet-unseen aspect of art. The author tells captivating stories of what lies behind the artist’s work through symbols, use of color, and the models. I learned so much while reading this book, and I know I’ll go back again and again to use it as a reference. It would be a handy tool to take to a museum to give you a deeper and richer experience.


Received my copy yesterday and began reading immediately. This conversational book is a joy to read…and I have already picked up new info and awareness about famous artworks. A happy purchase!

Patricia Jaas

I have had this book for two days, I can’t put it down…
Your way of explaining art to someone who knows absolutely nothing about it is so inspiring and easy to follow that the more I learn, the more I want to learn, whereas before it was so confusing and overwhelming I just gave up.
Thank you for bringing art to ordinary people 🙏❤️ xx

– Zuzana Kvasnicova

This art book is filled with facts about the artists and their works. I truly never appreciated all of the hidden meanings in their artwork until being enlightened through reading this book. A wonderful read.

Kat H.