Art History Lectures

I have a series of lectures I have prepared which are concise, and can be enjoyed when it fits into your schedule.

Camille Claudel

Meet the person and sculptor Camille Claudel. Follow her from her childhood home in Nogent-sur-Seine, to Paris, where she met Auguste Rodin, something that would forever change her life…

Get to know her art, which was hidden and forgotten for a long time, and be amazed by her beautiful sculptures. Enjoy pictures from France, and then especially Paris, where she lived during those important years, when her art was created.

Feel sadness over the tragedy that struck her, but feel joy over the art she created, and which we now can enjoy. Learn where her art can be seen in real life.

Duration of the lecture: About an hour.
Ticket: £19 / $25 / €25 (You choose)

Paris – City of Arts

Join me on a walk in Paris, while visiting many of the important sights, and seeing beautiful art. You will experience the city through photographs, stories and fun facts. Learn about this city, some of the most beautiful monuments, museums, gardens, as well as about its famous art!

Duration of the lecture: About an hour.
Ticket: £20 / $25 / €25

What my students say

I have attended three online courses in art history with Kristine T.G. Hardeberg – the Renaissance, Baroque and Impressionism. In addition, I have followed her through several individual lectures, for instance those about Christmas and Easter in art.
Kristine is professionally strong and has a lot of knowledge in art history. She is a very good teacher, being pedagogical and taking time to listen. She has her own ability to “go into” the works of art and make me as a viewer “see” and discover the works. At the same time, she is open to questions and input from her students. Her courses have given me so much, and I can warmly recommend Kristine and her courses!

Synnøve Hilden

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