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Because my courses run in English and Norwegian, they run on a rotating schedule. The courses all have a live Q&A component to them and thus live participation in the course is required.

Dates that the courses are running can be found on each sales page by clicking on the buttons below. 


You will get excellent knowledge about the Baroque, and discover how this period manifested itself in painting, sculpture and architecture. Through knowledge of the Baroque, you’ll start to understand all kinds of art in a whole new way. We learn about symbols and themes in art, something that totally changes the art experience.

Every week we get to know artists, see beautiful works of art, both paintings, sculpture, buildings, and we hear exciting stories and anecdotes. 

You will learn exactly where to find these works of art in real life, and will obtain an excellent basis for planning future travels, particularly to Rome, but also to other cites in Italy, and Holland, France, Germany, yes, Europe in general.

What my students say

I have attended three online courses in art history with Kristine T.G. Hardeberg – the Renaissance, Baroque and Impressionism. In addition, I have followed her through several individual lectures, for instance those about Christmas and Easter in art.
Kristine is professionally strong and has a lot of knowledge in art history. She is a very good teacher, being pedagogical and taking time to listen. She has her own ability to “go into” the works of art and make me as a viewer “see” and discover the works. At the same time, she is open to questions and input from her students. Her courses have given me so much, and I can warmly recommend Kristine and her courses!

Synnøve Hilden

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