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I am Kristine T.G. Hardeberg

I am an author and art historian. I teach people about art to inspire and educate.

I write books, create art history courses and lectures, and write blog posts. Find out how to take one of my classes below.

Deepen your Knowledge


I offer online courses about art history. These include courses on the Renaissance, Baroque period and Impressionism.


I’m working on a nonfiction book about art and art history. Publication is planned for 2023.


I have a series of short lectures that last approximately 60 minutes each to help you explore focused topics on art history.


Check in on my blog for my thoughts on art, life, my travels and anything I want to share.

Kristine T.G. Hardeberg

I’m a Norwegian art historian and novelist. I’ve stayed for many years in France and USA, but now living mainly in Norway with my family.

I know how easy it is to become “full”, tired, exhausted when exposed to art. The clue is to choose. Choose something and skip the rest. I can help you with this! Because, when you know a little about art, it is just so much easier to know where to look, know where you want to spend your time.

I studied art history at the Ecole du Louvre and the Sorbonne in Paris and the University of Oslo, and I’ve always had a passion for art history and the stories who lies hidden there.

For many years I’ve been doing lectures on art, both in Norway and during group tours to Florence, Paris and Rome.

Thousands have joined my digital lectures and courses, and now I’m happy to welcome you into my world of art and literature!

Art Stories

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